Forums vs Mailing Lists

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Mon Jan 2 09:43:27 GMT 2006

* Derek Broughton 

| Why shouldn't he be serious?  I don't personally think it's necessary
| because I find gmane perfectly adequate, but listservs are a poorer way to
| handle discussion than Usenet.  

Possibly for you.  For me, there's no difference, I read them both
with the same client, using the same settings.

However, running an NNTP server and using the nntp gateway which is
part of mailman could work just fine, but it would require a bit of
resources to set up and manage.  I'm not sure if Canonical would like
to do that.

| Your last question is the best, but it's simply answered - try reading the
| ubuntu lists through gmane for a week.  I'd bet almost nobody would go back
| to email.

Most news servers have expiry turned on, my email store doesn't, so I
think I will continue to prefer email. :-)

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