wishes for more goodies in Rosetta

atie atie.at.matrix at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 19:09:25 GMT 2006

Hi, all.

To push my translation for abiword product in Rosetta to AbiWord project  
(http://www.abisource.com/contribute/translate), I got into touch with people 
for the project by myself. Unfortunately they didn't accept the translations 
directly from Rosetta with sort of their policy and outdated version of 
abiword product registered in Rosetta. I had merged my translations 
downloaded from Rosetta to the latest version required for contribution and 
mailed to the project. I went around net to figure out what I need to do from 
yesterday and done in this morning :)

Even this happened for that AbiWord had 0% Korean translation (I saw 6 or 7 
message translations were submitted few days ago) before my submitting.

I know by myself Rosetta provides very user friendly translation tools, but 
for more goodies I wish Rosetta will have the followings.

1. Sync products registered in Rosetta with projects' latest release required 
for contribution of translation. This can solve the situation if projects 
don't accept Rosetta's translation works due to outdated version issue. Then 
I have more(or less) messages by updates, and can stay in Rosetta - no need 
to open gtranslator, Kdiff3/Meld, kate, etc... (By the way I found Kompare 
has very nice interface for my need, but doesn't support Korean.)

2. When product is registered to Rosetta, contact project for the product to 
check whether project accepts translations directly from Rosetta or not, and 
clearly display in product info for Rosetta users that translators need to 
upload their translation works to the project by themselves or project 
accepts new translations from Rosetta in auto mode. 

(Translators including myself still have uncleared question about relationship 
especially for sync of translation works between Rosetta and product projects 
including GNOME/KDE. I'd like to know my translation works updating for 
Ubuntu/Kubuntu specific or beyond that while I am translating, so I don't 
need to coach to my l18n team members and explain to other translation groups 
in Korea. :) )

3. In case of project accepting translation works directly from Rosetta, I 
wish that Rosetta keeps everyone's suggestion same as current and takes 
suggestions from registered members for the project, Ubunteros and higher 
karma... kind of order. I think with that, can reduce quality doubts from 
projects and bring more reliable translators to Rosetta. 

Anyway, I am going to take some rest, then maybe need to contact few other 
projects too.


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