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Benj. Mako Hill mako at
Sun Feb 19 20:53:19 GMT 2006

<quote who="Randy Gloden" date="Sat, Feb 18, 2006 at 10:16:05AM -0600">
> I noticed the list sends out it's messages with the "From" address of 
> the person who submitted the message instead of sending it out from 
> sounder at  Problem with this is that often people are 
> hitting reply and sending the message back directly to the poster, 
> instead of the list.
> I have gotten several off-list messages and Mark S. made mention of this 
> a few days back as well.  The other lists I'm subscribed to send out 
> mail from the list address and is much more convenient.

Well, we want to keep the "From" address because the messages are,
after all, *from* the person who originally sent the mail and we need
to mark it somewhere. I don't know of any list that changes the "From"
address in this way.

> So . . . can we re-configure the list to send out messages with the 
> "reply-to"  or "from" fields set to "sounder at

Reply-To munging on list mail has a number of negative effects (for
example, it breaks any legitimate "Reply-To" usage) and a number of
people in the community have quite vocally opposed it.

Among communities with people from different experiences and
backgrounds, the issue of reply-to fields can be very
contentious. There are many people in the Ubuntu community who prefer
the Reply-To field to be set and others who want it unset. People on
different lists feel differently about what the best practice is. 

This became a large debate with the ubuntu-users mailing list a year
or so ago and it managed to get appealed all of the way to the
community council. The decision by the CC was to set the reply-to on
the users list and leave it unset on all of the others. Unless you
want to argue that the list consistencies or the feelings of those
individuals about Reply-To has changed in the last year or so, I'd
prefer to leave things as they are.


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