'Ubuntu takes on XP in the gadget arena'

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 02:38:59 GMT 2006

> My favourite experience with broken Windows NT was at Toronto's
> Pearson International Airport in 2003 (around August 21st IIRC).
> Whatever virus was wreaking havoc at the time managed to get into
> their Windows NT system and bring the arrivals/departures screens to a
> screeching halt -- a few people got a little nervous about their jobs
> I'm sure when it was discovered that these machines hadn't had
> security patches applied properly.

it was August 19th 2003 and it was the Welchia worm.  I remember being
stuck for a bit at the airport in Montreal on that day because that NT
worm was in some of the Air Canada checkin computers terminals, so
they had to do a lot of stuff manually, putting the whole airport
behind schedule.   The irony is that I wasn't even flying with them,
trying to back to Victoria during a business trip:


Daniel Robitaille

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