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Matthew East mdke at
Fri Feb 10 15:02:29 GMT 2006

On Fri, 2006-02-10 at 09:55 -0500, Jacob Baloul wrote:


> Anyhow, Bottom line is:
> I think that this strategy is essential to kindly introduce a new OS
> to a thirsty user and ensures a safe first landing in the world of
> Ubuntu.
> I'd like to see something similar in Ubuntu & Kubuntu and i am sure
> others would too...

There are two separate issues here, I think. The first is something that
introduces great features/benefits of the operating system, this is kind
of a marketing tool and shows off the great aspects of Ubuntu. Hopefully
dapper will have something good in this respect, work is underway
already. But I don't know whether Kubuntu will have something like this.

The second thing is something which introduces a user to the system, in
terms of how to make it work, and so on. Hopefully the desktop guide
goes a long way towards doing this: it is available from the Help Icon
on the panel and in the "System" menu. Maybe having it open
automatically after a new install might be a nice idea.
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