online article: "Coming next to the Mac: Linux and Windows? "

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Fri Feb 10 02:53:39 GMT 2006,10801,108532,00.html

While the article is about Linux in general trying to run on the new
Intel-Apple machines, Ubuntu appears a couple of times in the article
via quotes from Jane Weideman:


Canonical Ltd., which is behind the fast-rising Ubuntu Linux
distribution, said that despite current technical hangups, a
Mactel-compatible version of Ubuntu could be available within the next
eight months, when development on the next major release of Ubuntu is
expected to finish, according to Jane Weideman, a spokesperson for the
Isle of Man, England-based company."


Weideman, however, said that uncertainties over how the Apple hardware
displays graphics will make porting Ubuntu "fairly complicated."

"It is an entirely new graphics chip set, which we are as yet unable
to drive until such a time as ATI releases the specifications,"
Weideman said. Other drivers need to be verified through hands-on
testing of the hardware, which Canonical does not yet own.

Still, Weideman said it's likely that the upcoming Ubuntu 6.10 --
which goes into development in April and will be officially released
in October -- will run on Apple's Intel-based machines.


Daniel Robitaille

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