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Sorry for the top post/crappy quoting etc..

The problem with "virtual sprints" is that, for the documentation team =
at least, they don't work. The documentation team already holds regular =
meetings just like every other team, but turnout is low and very few =
things get properly discussed and/or decided. One major contributor to =
this problem is the fact that the documentation team have never met face =
to face, let alone actually talked to each other then on IRC. I have =
lost count of the number of times the documentation team has tried to =
discuss on IRC strategy and planning only for nothing to change/happen.=20

We were hoping a few more of us would have been sponsored for UBZ so we =
could do exactly what this sprint will be about, however only one of us =
was able to obtain sponsorship at that time.=20

-- Robert Stoffers
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Carthik Sharma wrote:
> A virtual "sprint" on a specific IRC channel with discussion
> _focussed_ on just defining a strategy for documentation and websites,
> including layouts might just be better.=20
I've also been thinking about a virtual sprint, but I think we can do=20
slightly better than a set of IRC meetings. Perhaps we who are only a=20
few hours away by train or plane could meet up in the London area during =

a weekend (for those who are busy during the week). Then we can schedule =

several (4-5?) telephone conferences during that period to bring in=20
those who cannot make it physically. We can supplement with IRC, wiki=20
notes and email. I'd be happy to host it in Oxford :)

- Henrik

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