more of an observation about the wiki and less of a rant

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Tue Feb 7 11:02:07 GMT 2006

Hey guys, how about a doc-team sprint in London, in March (late-ish)?
I'll cover costs for the 5 most productive contributors to the doc team
(that's shooting from the hip, if there's a less divisive approach let
me know doc-team) and I'll participate myself. I want us to create a doc
strategy that can handle Dapper AND lay the foundations for the next
cycle of development.

Should cover (and this is just a first cut, it will grow):

 - the web site
 - the materials we create for reviewers and testers
 - the true onboard built-in documentation
 - ubuntu and kubuntu (and other -buntu's)
 - wiki
 - books that are done and those in the pipeline

In short, the literary scene at

I think we have great enthusiasm but we need to get the players round a
table to get real face time, high bandwidth, visual planning.


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