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Mauricio Hernandez mhz.chile at
Mon Feb 6 16:59:31 GMT 2006

> >   
> OK, I'll take the time to look at the Gentoo site and make sure we learn
> from them on this. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks, Mark for considering it. Actually, my first tried as a doc fan
was exactly when I found out about gentoo docs. :D

I just want to add that I know the Doc-Team also have good ideas on how
to organize stuff and they already manage XML (Gentoo gang use XML for
everything) pretty well. There have been much discussion about
organizing docs, web contents, etc. in Doc-team list and how to better
integrate our current Moin wiki with XML docs, so I wanted to highlight
their efforts because we have tons of docs to give love to and that is a
very difficult task to carry out.


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