my package confusion in edgy (python)

Conrad Knauer atheoi at
Mon Aug 28 21:45:01 BST 2006

On 8/28/06, john e <john.godzero at> wrote:

> I some how got _both_ python2.4 & python2.4-minimal selected for
> install. Don't ask how... but I seem to have special powers in this
> realm.
> The problem is they are both mutually exclusive, and I couldn't get
> one to bow out for the other.. no mater what I did.

???  These don't conflict.  In fact, python depends on python2.4 and
python-minimal, which in turn depends on python2.4-minimal.

> I eventually did a:
> >apt-get remove python 2.4

Ooo... bad idea; ubuntu-desktop depends on a lot of python stuff (in
turn depending on the python package).

> Time for a reinstall. I was left with a unix system from 1976.

Actually, if you just reinstall the ubuntu-desktop package it should
take care of the rest :)


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