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Jeff Waugh jdub at
Fri Aug 11 10:52:50 BST 2006

<quote who="Matthew East">

> I don't really see Planet as a special case myself. I accept that most
> projects have a planet, and I wouldn't dream of changing that, but I do
> think that it would work equally well as part of the Fridge. Obviously,
> the url would still have to do the right thing.

I still don't really understand what you mean by "part of"... Do you mean
using the Drupal aggregator module, thereby losing the benefits of the
Planet codebase? Do you mean making the HTML/CSS much more similar and
linking them more clearly (such that they feel like the same site)? Do you
mean administering the Planet feeds in Drupal?

I think having clearer links between the websites makes a lot of sense, but
I can't think of any kind of Planet/Drupal integration that would actually
be a positive thing. ;-)

- Jeff

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