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Jeff Waugh jdub at
Thu Aug 10 12:36:20 BST 2006

<quote who="Matthew East">

> At the moment it seems to me that there are too many community websites,
> ultimately I'd like to see the Fridge become the main base for them all,
> gaining some extra sections with separate feeds, and including:

Planet is kind of a special case though, given the content (personal as well
as project, plus the content will shift faster and faster as more people are
added to it) and expectations (every project has a Planet). Perhaps you
could add a Planet Ubuntu sidebar to The Fridge? Troublesome, because it's
already sidebar heavy; it might be that clear (more exciting?) linking would
solve this part of the problem. :-)

(Oh, also, I never made it easy to find out that ITP has a feed - you can
only see it on the ITP category page after you click on 'more'. That would
be a nice thing to fix. Some websites have a 'feeds' page, which lists all
the feeds and formats available - perhaps that'd be useful for The Fridge?)

- Jeff

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