Fwd: Ubuntu love idea?

Tracey Led tenthconcept at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 07:13:57 CDT 2005

> Don't you think its a bit late for this now? Anyway Ubuntu has reached

Too late? Nah.. never too late for this campaign.  The same way that
American politicians do not rely on current success and ramp up
another campaign during re-election time.  For many users, re-election
time in Linux distros comes with every new release.  The goal is to
expand the reach of Ubuntu into the hands of normal desktop users. 
The people that haven't thought about ever upgrading their OS or
trying something different.  I know Ubuntu is #1 on Distrowatch and
has been for some time now, but I believe it should reach a further
audience than us geeks.  Think about the possibilities.  Let's think
_well_ beyond the Slashdot/OSNews crowd.  The _fridge_ concept is a
novel idea.  I didn't know that it was sitting in the kitchen :)

Thanks for the responses.

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