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 about: Re: Mad Penguin review 

> David M:
>> I get the impression that quite a few people do find
>> the current naming scheme quite seriously embarrassing,
> There was a poll[1] about it on the Fridge.
> First we lost the best official backgrounds and login screen anyone
> ever shipped, 

I was saddened by that as well, but it is a fact that if a distro is looking 
for worldwide adoption it needs to be slightly cautious with regards to 
different levels of cultural acceptability. It was a question of broader 
acceptability versus broader minds.. <ducks to avoid flamewar> ;-)

> now we're going to lose another nice micro-feature because
> somebody somewhere feels offended/embarassed/whatever. 

See my previous post: I've got nothing against imaginative release
names, just as long as they don't sound too childish.. It's a question
of finding "balance", again.

> If Ubuntu wanted to please the easily offended/corporate/white-collars, 
> the first thing it should change is the name itself.

I think the name, and what it means, is excellent, and I can't see how
anybody can be offended by the name. Puzzled, perhaps, but not offended.

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