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><quote who="Steve Alexander">
>> > Maybe we should name our releases for the characters found in a children
>> > animation movie :)

Heh :-)
But whoever said that "Toy Story" was a children's film..? ;-)

Sure, Debian's release names are equally "nonsensical" [deliberate quotes], 
just as *any* series of release names is going to be equally arbitrary in
some way, but at least there is a logic to it, and a fairly humorous one
at that. Toy Story was an extremely popular film and using the
characters' names makes a logical series /and/ appeals to the 
light-hearted side in all of us, without being 'juvenile' about it.

Like I said, using animals isn't a bad idea in itself <koff>Apple</koff>,
but using certain adjectives as Ubuntu has done doesn't really give out 
the right message, I feel. There's a fine balance between not taking the
world entirely seriously (and being slightly tongue-in-cheek) and coming
across as looking a bit silly, and unfortunately I don't think Ubuntu
(for all its many other wonderful qualities, I hasten to add!) got it
quite right here.

I mean, given: warty, hoary, breezy; we unfortunately have the following
synonyms: ugly, wizened, farty.. Not quite the positive impression we 
would want to give.. :-(

(At least 'dapper' is starting to head in the right direction ;-)

>> Maybe someone will make a children's animated movie with characters based
>> on ubuntu release code-names.
> Seriously dude, that movie will *not* be appropriate for children. No way.

Heh :-)

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