Jane Silber jane.silber at
Thu Oct 20 05:28:20 CDT 2005

Etienne -

>I was about to place my order for Breezy on ShipIt, and it occured to
>me: since I will be attending UBZ, I might as well wait till then to
>grab a bunch.  I would get my hands on them faster than through ShipIt,
>and save a few bucks to the shipping fund in the process.  So my
>questions are : will Breezy CD be ready for UBZ ?  If so, will there be
>enough of them there so that I can grab a few hundreds ?
Breezy CDs are starting to ship now. First out the door are some high 
priority orders for LoCo Teams and conferences.  We'll be bringing a 
large number (around 1000) to Montreal and there should be some 
available for you. I can't promise a specific number though - need to 
see how things go.

>clients, family and various acquaintances.  With a little more time
>ahead of me, I could probably distribute a thousand before Dapper come
>out next spring.  Today, I had people contacting me to know if I will
>have Breezy CD to hand them out.  I would not want to let them down ! :)
That's great!  One of the things we'd like to focus on in the coming 
months is how to get the most mileage out of the CDs.  We've learned 
that it is very easy to hand out large numbers of CDs. Now we need to 
focus on quality as well as quantity - i.e., turning hand-outs into 
installs and focusing the CDs on the people who can't get Ubuntu through 
other channels like downloads.  Ideas welcome!


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