online article: Should Linux vendors think differently?

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Tue Oct 11 11:09:50 CDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-11-10 at 08:03 -0400, Eric Dunbar wrote:

> n his case, it's not a case of "solving" his problems. He's capable of
> fixing his own problems as is suggested by his description of SUSE
> problems and fixes. What he's commenting on is that "Linux"
> (specifically Ubuntu) simply doesn't "just" install onto his desktop.

if it doesn't install on his desktop, then it probably doesn't install
on a bunch of other desktops; unless he has a very weird setup.  And
these failed cases we probably don't hear about.  People try Ubuntu,
doesn't work, then go on to use something else.  Maybe his desktop is
the iceberg, or maybe it is the tip of a larger iceberg.   We don't want
to keep too many icebergs floating around. 

> The way to fix it is not PR (that's a *Microsoft* solution... do you
> really want to Ubuntu to become another Microsoft?), but to ensure
> that video and audio are supported "out-of-the-box" (that's a realm in
> which Windows does quite well... probably because all x86 supporting
> manufacturers design their hardware and drivers for Windows ;-).

video and audio is nice, but if you cannot even install it, then you
have a problem :)

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