Ubuntu licensing

Hodgins Family ehodgins at telusplanet.net
Tue Oct 11 08:51:36 CDT 2005

Good morning!

>>>This confuses me to no end, first of all, I have to pay $0 for all THREE
>>>of these components? If I run an ubuntu server in my enterprise under a

All of this number stuff is just too hard for me.

> Let me do the maths in a really transparent way.  It is zero times some 
> random number, this number represents  seats, processors and if you are 
> standing up or sitting down and you may add other numbers to this the 
> choice is yours. Sum total a bill of exactly zero.
> <snip>
> Terms and conditions apply, if you did not laugh there is a refund of zero 
> due, if you did laugh you owe zero, value of the joke can go up as well as 
> down, your mileage may vary, let the install begin.

More numbers! Just tell me who in Redmond to make the cheque out to so I 
don't haveta think about it no more!



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