Online article: "Microsoft funds African PCs amid open source debate"

Senectus . senectus at
Thu Oct 6 03:11:40 CDT 2005

IMHO ( ;-) )
You really can't compare a windows desktop and a Linux desktop like
that. They're two very different environments.

For instance I feel that for the first time user/complete technophobe
Windows does it better, but when it comes to memory handling and
general application responsiveness on the same machine Linux WAY out
performs windows.
But I also believe that is in part due to the fact that Open Source
applications are written better as well :-)

Ubuntu Breezy 5.10
CNet So that would be the philosophical difference between
Microsoft and what Google is up to at this point?
Bill Gates: Well, we don't know everything they are up to, but we do
know their slogan and we disagree with that.

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