Ubuntu missed by the German Federal Government

Quim Gil qgil at interactors.coop
Wed Oct 5 00:34:02 CDT 2005

The Federal Government Co-ordination and Advisory Agency for IT in the
Federal Administration [1] is investing efforts developing reports about
free software, open documents and migration.

They have just released the second edition of a Migration Guide with an
English version available [2]. Very interesting and hopefully to be
circulated around in Germany and beyond. Mentions to Linux Standard
Base, Debian, Linspire, Univention, Suse-Novell, RedHat and Sun.

Ubuntu : "Es wurden keine Treffer auf Ihre Suchanfrage gefunden.", so
no mention about it.

IMHO Dapper and Dapper+1 will need to have some resources allocated to
be acknowledged and well perceived by public organisms and anybody
responsible of leading a big Linux migration/deployment. I see the work
done for instance in Spain and then I see the German context and, well,
let's say that southern Spanish administrations like the Andalusian or
Extremadura are relatively influenced by 'the community' (where Ubuntu
is a known and respected player). But going direction North, as the
EU-blue gets more intense (what a coincidence, this blue is very similar
to the corporate-blue and the proprietaryIT-blue) things change
significantly, and blue reports like this may have a higher influence
than the local free software communities.

[1] http://www.kbst.bund.de/doc,-304105/Federal-Government-Co-ordinati.htm


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