John dingo at
Sat Nov 26 17:54:40 CST 2005

Daniel Robitaille wrote:

> well, anyone who is an Ubuntu member [1] can have a email
> address.  So some of these "people" can be people in actually  charge,
> or Ubuntu developpers, or simple members of the community doing all
> sort of  stuff in the Ubuntu community  (artwork, testing, LoCo teams,
> etc).
> For a concrete example, I could write all day long about Java licenses
> with my email address, but it doesn't mean I know anything
> about the topic (I don't),  have any form of influence on the
> decision-making process about it at Canonical, nor what I would write
> implies any kind of official position from Ubuntu/Canonical (It
> doesn't).

Whatever the real facts are, people will imagine that people who write 
from addresses @{ubuntu,Canonical} do so representing

To avoid this confusion, it's best if those folk get other addresses, 
from gmail, yahoo, their local LUG, or someone could set up for the purpose.

I'm pretty certain IBM does not allow its staff to participate in public 
fora using their IBM.COM addresses unless the do represent IBM (in some 
capacity). There are quite a few IBM folk on the l-390 list I also 
frequent, but their posts are always in line with their (apparent) 
responsibilities and they do not speculate on licencing issues (and they 
do arise from time to time as not all IBM's contributions to Linux are 

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