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On Sun, Nov 20, 2005 at 04:59:15PM +0100, Carlos Perell? Mar?n wrote:
> > >>SuSE does have jre included (but called java).
> > > Presumably not the Sun JRE, then.
> > No. It's the Sun's one indeed.
> I think that's because SuSE reached an agreement with SUN to
> distribute it. The problem with that kind of agreement is that
> *only* SuSE can distribute it, if you create a derivative, you
> must remove it from your version.

I know that ALT Linux has similar agreement -- JRE is packaged
and distributed, both off FTP and on CDs.

> In fact, I think you are not able to duplicate the CD and give
> it to other people just because the JRE software does not allow
> you to do that...

IIRC it's not exactly so, the agreement covers the product.
So if the copy of ALT Linux is an ALT Linux, then it's OK.

The (perceived) problems arose in cases when commercial
redistribution was the case and at least recognition of the trade
mark (and quality control not to dilute it) were not in place.

To the best of my knowledge, *here* it's like I can burn a disk 
or a set, mark them as "ALT Linux" (well I'm a developer and
usually the first/second-line/hand support in such cases so
misburning hurts myself in the first place but that's another
story), hand them over and be done with legal issues involving
software covered by agreements for redistribution with ALT Linux

If I sell the CDs as "copy of ALT Linux", then it *might* be not
the case.

That's how it's here, sort of.  I guess these agreements are
boring and choosing to implement them is kind of inferior job,
especially for free software developers.  ALT's chief, Alexey
Smirnov, is doing that inferior job for users to have things
just working.


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