Paul O'Malley ompaul at
Thu Nov 24 12:50:55 CST 2005

Daniel Robitaille wrote:

>>I really like the idea! Who knows how much effort it will take? Is the
>>current component scheme tight enough that gnubuntu would simply need
>>restricted and multiverse trashed, or is it a bit more complicated than
>there was a thread recently (on ubuntu-devel?) about vlc, and  if all
>(or portion of) of the package should be in universe, and the rest in
>multiverse.  I suspect some packages will be subject to debate
>depending where you draw the ideological line.
Where the FSF would draw it.
No restricted, no multiverse, just good wholesome Free Software. :-)
The four freedoms etc.

>Personally I think that if a group goes through the effort to create a
>gnubuntu derivative, might as well go all the way and adopt a very
>strong stance of this.  If individual users are unhappy, then they can
>always use the normal Ubuntu without restricted/multiverse, or install
>individual debatable packages from Ubuntu on top Gnubuntu.
If initially the first release was to be based on dapper then we could 
do this in a *really* easy way.

Treat Ubuntu/Kubuntu as upstream.

We have base, several desktops, we have plenty of applications, and and 
our problem is?
I don't know a lot but if it is drawn from Ubuntu until (A) those of us 
without the skills have them or (B) those with the skills are interested 
we can at least try.



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