John dingo at
Mon Nov 21 22:35:21 CST 2005

Benj. Mako Hill wrote:

> I doubt this sample is either scientific or representative. That said,
> I'd be willing to be that the type of person who tracks down their CD
> recipients a couple months later or (better yet) stays in touch over
> the entier period, is going to have a conversion rate of similar or
> better.
> I suspect that giving 10 CDs away to people you are willing to invest
> a bit of time hand holding with is worth much more than several
> hundred CDs handed out like flyers on the street.

I was thinking about those CDs at the Internet cafe. If they charged a 
token fee then
a) They'd last longer
b) People, having paid for them, might be more inclined to actually try 

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