John dingo at
Mon Nov 7 09:14:36 CST 2005

John wrote:

> The wireless is unrecognised by lspci (hwadata? on Knoppix). Its PCI 
> version is 168c:001a, subversion 1468:0418
> Does anyone here have any info on this device?

I have.

I installed Breezy Kubuntu.

Since I was far from ethernet, and I figured wireless was flakey I 
deferred configuring the network after the installer tried DHCP. Why not 
check for wire in the NIC first? Avoids the timeout.

During the stage 2 install I logged in and ran a couple of iwscan 
commands as an ordinary user. The second one hung the system and it took 
kernel-magic keys to reboot.

I rebooted and something spotted the installation wasn't finish, suggest 
a couple of reasons including lack of space (why not check this a. 
Before starting, and b. beroe making this suggestion?).

I think it should have offered to retry from where it left off, but 
instead it dropped me into a console login and left me to my own 
devices. apt-get -f install suggested dpkg --configure -a; why not just 
do it?.

Rebooted, got to X and logged in.

Found system settings, tried to configure wireless. Nothing, could not 
activate, no messages.

I found Konsole, inspected /etc/network/interfaces. Asters for the WEP 
ksy> Wierd. Tried to ifup ath0. Got messages about duff 
/etc/network/interfaces. Didn't like the line that went
iface eth0 inet

Fixed that, could't connect to the AP. Thought so, fixed the asters.

On reboot, the wireless didn't come up. Everyone forgot
auto ath0

Had a bit of a look around. I like the Applesque system settings. 
Surprised not to find The Gimp, firefox or thunderbird. Even more 
surprised at no kmail. Well, kmail's installed, just not in the menu.

Some of the dialogues - eg network config - have an administrator mode 
button whih gets hidden beneath the panel. Took a while to find it, I'm 
not as quick as I used to be.

It would, I think, be good to be able to make some package choices 
without going into expert mode - I really don't have a use for those 
east-asian, east-european etc language packs: I speak English, maybe a 
little French if I'm really desperate (more like I can read a little), 
and most folk don't want the developer's tools but some do.

> Knoppix is also saying lots about ACPI - so much I can't see any other 
> kernel messages.

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