Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at
Sat Nov 5 21:29:45 CST 2005

Just sit back and watch the lawsuit fly. Aside from having the power
button on the front (vs. the back) this seems like a clone of the
(quite distinctive) Mac mini.

It's rather laughable to see the article's author (<ahem> press
release) write "global leader in PC component and system design and
manufacturing [AOpen], continues its miniaturized personal computing
innovation with the most affordable and compact PC ever, the AOpen

Not only do they fail to come up with a novel design, but they even
copy the name. How unoriginal can you get?

It's a shame that a mostly OSS OS has been drawn into what
[undoubtedly] will result in lawsuit which has a real chance of
success (had they stuck to just copying the case or the name they
might have gotten away with it but copying BOTH the name and the
case... that's a different story). Plus, I always thought that AOpen
was the bottom of the barrel (kind of like eMachines) in terms of
quality and style.


On 11/3/05, Javier <javiermon at> wrote:
> Mac-mini rival: Mini-pc with linux (linspire in this case) or windows
> xp. Cool.
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