Making Ubuntu KDE-like?

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Tue Mar 29 08:12:34 CST 2005

<quote who="Ed Sutherland">

> I've decided to switch to Ubuntu Hoary due to its ease of installation and
> hardware detection, but have a few questions on how I may make the Gnome
> desktop environment look/behave more like KDE. (I know many believe KDE
> creates a sluggish system -- I prefer the quickness and interface elements
> of Gnome, but KDE has some wonderful productivity apps.)

(This question would be more appropriate for ubuntu-users, btw.)

With current releases, I think you've managed to get this backwards! :-) I'm
pretty convinced that KDE 3.4 gives a much better impression of speed than
GNOME 2.10, regardless of system specs or usage scenario. So I guess I have
to ask: Why not use KDE? Kubuntu is all the yumminess of the Ubuntu system,,
with KDE on top! :-)

> Is there a crystal-like theme?

For icons? Nuvola gets pretty close. Install 'gnome-themes-extras'. :-)

> Is there a K3b clone for burning data/audio CDs?

Not really, though you can try Coaster, GNOME Baker and Graveman.

> Is there a FAQ on enabling Java, Flash and MP3?

See the wiki: and the Ubuntu Guide:

> How about Adobe Acrobat 7?

The binaries provided by Adobe install and run nicely, though I'm going to
see if we can sort out something more Ubuntuish. :-)

- Jeff

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