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Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Sat Mar 19 00:19:12 CST 2005

On Fri, Mar 18, 2005 at 08:42:43PM -0600, thephotoman wrote:

> One thing I'd love to see in either an Ubuntu LiveCD or an immediate 
> derivative would be a set of system recovery tools.  Perhaps including 
> GParted, Knoppix's variant of the ntfs-captive drivers (or HFS+ on the 
> PPC editions),
> Frankly, I grow tired of being forced to use KDE when I want to salvage 
> a Windows computer for a friend.  I'd honestly love to see something of 
> that sort from an Ubuntu-based distro.

We include a healthy set of recovery tools on the live CD (and on every
Ubuntu system), but they're primarily comand-line tools, such as parted.
We have our eye on gparted, but it wasn't judged quite ready for a
front-line role on the live CD quite yet.

 - mdz

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