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Daniel Stone daniel at
Wed Mar 16 11:26:00 CST 2005

On Thu, Mar 17, 2005 at 04:16:33AM +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> So Linspire "Five-0" is out, with a list of new and updated features. Which
> of these should we add to the list of things to discuss at UbuntuDownUnder?
> Things like VPN and VoIP are definitely on my list of wanna-haves.

Automatic X reconfiguration.

For those of you who are not myself or Jeff:
  * If gdm can't start X, the XKeepsCrashing handler kicks in.
    + First time in a boot XKC gets called, generate a new configuration
      and dump it somewhere in $TMPDIR.  Try to start X with it, throw
      up a 'If you can see this, we've reconfigured your X server, and
      stuff should work now; do you want this configuration change to
      stick?' message, only worded less stupidly.
    + Failing this, reconfigure for vesa, throw up the same message,
      only with a 'daniels sucks, please send <this information> to
      <whereever it is that I can get useful information put>' appended.
    + Failing THAT, try fbdev or vga or something, with a 'dude, here's
      five bucks, go buy a Cirrus card or something' appended to the
      previous message.
    + Failing that, throw up ye olde 'well, we're screwed, aren't we?'
      on the console.
  * Have a neat little tool that automatically packages up all the info
    I need to fix this and try to send it to me somehow.
  * ...
  * WORLD DOMINATION.  Or something.
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