Announce: UBUNTU CD cover

Lukas Zapletal lukas.zapletal at
Wed Mar 16 07:03:47 CST 2005


I would like to announce the brand new UBUNTU CD cover.

Format: SVG
Size: 800kb
License: GNU GPL
Creator: StudioTomato [], Czech Republic, Europe

Feel free to use it, print it, modify it.

Download link:
(there is a preview too)


The CD cover was brought to you by LinuxEXPRES 
        - the only Czech magazine about Linux.

S pozdravem / Best regards

Lukas Zapletal
sefredaktor / editor-in-chief
LinuxEXPRES -- magazin nejen o Linuxu
tel.: 420777003843
fax.: 420585415127

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