Ubuntu and GNOME 2.10 in India

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From: Toufeeq Hussain <toufeeqh at gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005 18:12:19 +0530
Subject: GNOME 2.10 Marketing


Just wanted to let you know that India's first GNOME 2.10 marketing
drive for Chennai  was started today.

Held a talk at Ma Foi Academy, Chennai, India http://mafoiacademy.com
The talk covered

* GNOME Introduction
* GNOME History
   -- How to use Garnome
   -- How GARNOME is better than apt-get/yum/rug.
 * Helping GNOME through testing, bug reports and i18n / l10n.
 * GNOME 2.10 , used David Madeley's Sneek Peak as the source.

Ubuntu Cd's were distributed and I explained to them how G2.10 (Beta)
can be obtained from hoary's repositories.

I'll be repeating this talk tomorrow at Madras Institute of Technology
for about 100 eager newbie Linux enthusiasts.

Then on March 18-20 I'll be at "Carte Blanche" , Chennai's annual Linux Event.

Then I'll try to have the same talk at Infosys, India's Largest IT
Services Company, where I work.

So right now this is my plan, if other events come up I'll try to
cover them and spread some gnome love. :)

I tried to contact the GNOME-India Marketing team, but I think off
late its dormant.

Anyway, I'll take up the marketing task for South India, if there are
other GNOME bodies in the same region please let me know, so that I
can co-ordinate better.

Toufeeq Hussain

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