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Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Fri Mar 4 06:50:58 CST 2005

<quote who="Pete Ryland">

> I seem to have been roped into doing a talk for my local LUG and so I've
> decided to do an install and demo of Ubuntu.  I'm mailing for some advice
> about how to go about this.

Morning Pete. :-)

> * Has anyone else done a similar user-group-focussed talk that I could
> "share" materials with?  Are there any existing resources I could use for
> this?

> * Should I be demonstrating Hoary or Warty?

Hoary's Preview release is next week - definitely ready for demonstration.

> * Anything else that may help?  Any 2c worth of advice to be had?
> My current thoughts are to touch on the following:
> * Debian-based, with dpkg, apt-get, synaptic, FHS-compliant
> * freedom philosophy
> * 6-month release schedule, with dates of next release
> * the components (main, restricted, universe)
> * an overview of software installed with versions, GNOME release
>   synchronisation
> * provide a few useful URLs

18 month support cycle (security, major fixes), awesome security support,
lots of long-running processes derootified [1], derivative distribution
goals (and existing projects like Kubuntu, GNOME LiveCD), open community
development *and* commercial support, no separate 'professional' and
'community' versions... :-)


> FWIW, the talk will be in a week tomorrow, at Fotango, near Old Street
> tube, London, UK.

Maybe some of the UK Ubuntu crew can come along!

- Jeff

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