Experiment :-)

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 01:20:05 CST 2005

> Installed from Universe
> *) mondo    (I use it for my complete system backups)
> *) afio   (needed by mondo)
> *) buffer (needed by mondo)
> *) lzop  (needed by mondo)
> *) mindi (needed by mondo)
> *) mindi-busybox  (needed by mondo)
> *) mindi-kernel  (needed by mondo)
> *) mindi-partimagehack  (needed by mondo)
> *) ms-sys  (needed by mondo)
> *) ddclient
> *) easytag
> *) flip    (an old classic I always install it on any of my computers)
> *) grip   (my prefered way of ripping an audio CD)
> *) gstreamer0.8-mad
> *) jhead   (needed by gallery)
> *) libjpeg-progs (neeeded by gallery)
> *) mail-notification    (to monitor my gmail account)
> *) libgmime2.1  (needed by mail-notification)

so exactly half of the packages I install from universe are caused by
one thing:  mondo backup.

I really wish there was a good backup solution available in main;
while mondo has had some issues as a project in recent months,  it is
still the best backup solution I have found that answer all my backup
needs on my home computer, and that's why I'm willing to install 9
packages from universe to get it.

I only need to run a one-line command to start mondo, and a couple of
hours later I have a full backup of both my Ubuntu and Win98
partitions on 6 bootable CD-RW.  And if I need to restore a file (or
the full computer), I simply put the 1st CD into the drive, and boot
the computer from it and off I go and I can then restore my dual-boot
There has been in the past various threads about backups on
ubuntu-users, but all the alternatives proposed  that I have seen
simply didn't do it for me; and in most cases sounded more like
glorified scripts using the tar (or tar-like) commands than anything

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