When we get a Enlightenment-Ubuntu? ;-)

Sascha Morr sascha.morr at sturmkind.info
Tue Mar 1 23:56:34 CST 2005

Craige McWhirter schrieb:

> E17 is still under heavy development and is not yet ready for being
> included in a distribution. To use it, as I do, you need to download the
> CVS[1] and simply run dpkg-buildpackage in each library / application
> source tree in the specified order[2], installing the resulting packages
> as you go.
> If you're prepared to hack around a little for the luscious eye-candy
> that is e17, then it's great. If you want something that "just works"
> you'll have to wait a little while longer.
> [1] http://enlightenment.org/pages/source.html
> [2] http://enlightenment.org/pages/cvsnotes.html

Sorry for the late reply! Enlightenment will need much more time to 
become usable for the normal user. I had only see the video clips an 
thought *Hey Elightenment and Ubuntu together will be fine!* ;-)


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