positive socio-religious engineering!

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski opi at cyb3r.org
Thu Jan 27 03:48:46 CST 2005

Andy Stone wrote:

> I came to Ubuntu for technical reasons

  That's good, because it's a most important quality. :-)

> with how Ubuntu and the community are really going for the big one - 
> trying to bring folk together in a spirit of hope and co-operation. 

  It is very important to try provide community with a place to grown. 
People find Ubuntu thier POV, despite thier normal religion and belives.

> ridiculousness over the excellent Warty artwork. I'll explain via a 
> slight digression:

  It will. First, even if I think im open to others, I was quite amazed 
with people response to Human artwork. That was a lerning experience, 
and I guess everyone got something out of it.

> different set of rules to those of your neighbour. 

  Fine law, then, maybe. But it won't fly today. I'm a pagan, as you, so 
my set of rules in life is quite simple. Imagine what would happend if 
all voilent religions would got a law, that would let them set laws 
according to religion. The River of Blood.

> Children must not wear religious clothing to schools. 

  To be honest, I'm all up for that. Schools are place when I go to 
learn stuff. It's no place for showing how much you love Jesus, Allah or 
Hekate. I'm libertarian, so I belive in thing called contract: if there 
a writen rule for dress code, you have to follow it, or leave the 
school. Just as simple as that.

  Also, I've been working in a ground school for year and a half. If 
people are alowed to dress whatever they like, poor kids are a target of 
joke, because surly, they can not have new Addidas, make up or whatever. 
Small kids don't think: Fu*k you all, I have mind of my own, I'm better 
at math/language/art that you, and all you have is stuff that your 
parents buy. They think: I'm hopeless and my place is in a dumpster.

> rarely see my views represented, and to be told other peoples beliefs as 
> though they were fact (Christ died for you, etc.)

  I don't find it rude. If someone belive that Jesus died for thier sins 
on the cross, he state it as a *fact* from his POV. I saw lots of 
signatures that Jesus was a fag/homo/nazi/communist/whatever. For 
signature holders this was a fact, too.

  Religions aren't based on facts. They are based on belives.

> I saw as a personal 
> attack. 

  See. Now you're trying to do, what you told us to avoid. Signature is 
like a wearing cross at school. :-)

> fear-based niggles of a minority regarding the afore-mentioned artwork.

  There's a rule, if they fear it, they fight with it. ;-)

> Where I live snowdrops have appeared - the first sign of 
> the returning year. This seems fitting to me

  Nice pagan analogy. :-)

  Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski
  http://opi.pegasos.pl http://ubuntulinux.org

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