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Mon Jan 24 16:05:49 CST 2005

RichardA wrote:

> Actually, there is still a healthy, if small, RISC OS community. There
> is even current hardware:

yup, I've got an old A3000 that's see life from time to time.

> I believe Rox filer, which many people run with Xfce, is based on
> the RISC OS interface.

I also used to run ROX-filer with ROX-session to get a full ROX desktop.
  Never 100% happy with it but it served me well in the gap between
waimea and GNOME when I wanted something light but not *boxish.

The cool think about ROX was just how easy it is to customise with a few
lines of python.  I really liked the appdirs style thing too and
attempted to ROXify debian with a friend to finally bring the ROXos out.
  My apt still runs all sorts of scripts after every install ;-)

Unfortunatly we didn't have the time and then the whole what's
Cannonical going to do dispeared after Jeff and Scott dropped by one of
my local lugs and let the cat out the bag.  Strangely enough hearing
variant of Debian was being released with quick releases, tight gnome
intergration and a good philosphy concerning freesoftware sort of killed
the itch.

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