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Fri Jan 21 18:08:07 CST 2005

pe, 2005-01-21 kello 17:29 -0500, Eric Dunbar kirjoitti:

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> > By definition, the majority of users at any given time are either
> > beginners or novices, so this _is_ expected behaviour.
> But, the thing is that even experienced users _don't_ use the second
> mouse button. I am around people who've been _using_ Windows computers
> at work for a decade, or often even more. These users have never
> installed an app in their life, or had to trouble-shoot a connectivity
> problem (b/c that's what the help desk or local IT guy was for) and
> yet they still do not use the right mouse button.

When I years ago as a beginning Windows user first heard of context
menus, even the name sounded scary to me. "Context menu" - something
that keeps changing all the time, something that pops into my eyes and
requires immediate action - definitely not something that I would
voluntarily subject myself to. But just a few months later I used them
all the time.

The reason is simple - they allow me to streamline my way of working.
When I for example want to create a new folder - all right, lets move to
the world of Linux - a new directory and I have my right hand on the
mouse, I don't want to move the hand to the keyboard just to do this
little thing (especially if I'm going to use the mouse with the next
thing I'm going to do). Instead I click the second mouse buttond and
choose "New directory". The next thing to do might be to move some files
into that directory. After moving the files I might press F2, move my
right hand on the keyboard and start naming the file. Now, if I for
example wanted to delete another folder, I might use short cut keys to
select it because I already have my right hand on the keyboard. If it
would be on the mouse, I would click the file with the second mouse
button and choose "Delete". Being forced to use the menus at the top of
the screen would definitely slow things down and be inconvenient (that's
what I used to do).

If there's a way to streamline my work even more, even by leaving the
second mouse button out, I would be glad to hear about it. But it would
have to work better in practice - to make the work faster or easier - or
preferably both :-)



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