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sparkes sparkes at
Sat Jan 15 13:46:17 CST 2005

Martin-Éric Racine wrote:

> My first unix was MiNT on an Atari TT030. 

wicked, I always wanted one of these.  At the time I had a 286 and a 
bunch of obsolete machines and failed to get Minix installed on any of 
them (in fact I still have a bunch of obsolete machines) but once I had 
a 386 (followed quickly by a 486) the linux journey began.  I must 
confess to attempting to use SCO for a while/  I still have SCO running 
on a DEC thing that is so heavy I couldn't move it if I tried.

> However, I've never been totally satisfied with Debian, largely because
> some package maintainers are needlessly agressive and stubborn individuals
> who refuse to acknowledge the common good of end-users, instead insisting
> on producing packages that exclusively catter to their own selfish needs.

I don't think anyone would argue that some debian maintainers are 
obsinent but they do produce working packages for a wide range of 
software almost exclusivly in their spare time and deserve all the 
praise they get given.  They constantly amaze me that such a large 
project is even possible in such an open fashion.

I still run Debian on at least 3 architectures and we wouldn't have 
Ubuntu without such an excellent starting point.  Not least because 
that's where the developers where hand picked from.

I've considered becoming a debian package maintainer on several 
occasions but have been put off by a couple of people I 100% can't see 
eye to eye with who are very vocal until one friend said I just ignore 
some people and keep my head down and maintain my packages.  Excellent 
advice but difficult when you're as arsey as I can be ;-)

I'm currently thinking about backporting some ubuntu packages to sid so 
my sparc can run a similar setup to my laptops so I might go through the 
maintainer process eventully.


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