GNOME, Slackware, Ubuntu

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski opi at
Sat Jan 15 11:43:32 CST 2005

Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> What went wrong with installing Ubuntu?  Did you report bugs?

  It's already resolved. It was related to ACPI/APM (IIRC). We had a 
chat about this back in a ububtu-devel. It's somewhere on Bugzilla. The 
only thing I couln't get working with my new laptop (Toshiba Tecra 8000) 
it's a sound card (it's filled in Bugzilla, under Debian-Installer). 
Meastro3 won't start. Modprobing of snd-maestro3 won't bring it up. 
Yest. I've recompiled 2.6.10 under Slackware and I still couldn't get it 
working. Maybe I'm to dumb? :-) I'll try OSS modules (they are marked in 
kernel as NEW, even if OSS is old;-).

  I just got new workstation at work. Good I didn't gave away all my 
Ubuntu CD's (they didn't last 2 days on my desk:-)). I'll try to use 
Gnome for a 3 months, just to see how it fits me.

ps. If I make no sense, sorry. I'm trying to beer-up my mind. I've just 
learned that Kara, author of Kara fonts (well know font set for Amiga) 
is dead. Plus, I'm working 12h a day for 6 days per week, and I have had 
of it.

  Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski

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