GNOME, Slackware, Ubuntu

John Levin john at
Sat Jan 15 00:35:21 CST 2005

On 15 Jan 2005, at 03:44, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> Hey,
> Patrick Volkerding has decided to drop GNOME from Slackware because 
> "it's
> too hard [for one man] to build" (maybe he should talk to Seb, who 
> cranks
> out our GNOME packages faster than a speeding soyuz). During the 
> discussion,
> he mentioned Ubuntu:
>   <volkerdi> GNOME heads:  there's this thing called Ubuntu...

I've noticed quite a few people on the user list say they use / used to 
use slack, and I'm one of them. (Right now updating to -current on an 
old laptop that doesn't work with ubuntu.*)

Easy to install, fast, light, stable; first linux distro I could use. 
Loved it so much I even bought the box set.


* 2.6 kernel problem - bug filed.

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