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Thu Jan 13 11:01:19 CST 2005

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski wrote:
> John Levin wrote:
>  I bet it will. I must say I like it. I never had an idea of buying Mac
> before (my Pegasos PowerPC should be here anyday now) but with this
> little thing, I might reconsider. Yeah, it's unexpandable. But I bet it
> targets to people who wouldn't expand thier x86 box anyway. I wish I
> could buy'em at US price, and not EU price. :-p

The EU price is only 40 or so euros over the US price. Keep in mind that the
US price is Tax Free. $499 is roughly 378€. Tax here in spain is 16% for
computer equipment, so the tax inclusive price is 438€. List price is 489€,
which is roughly 420€ tax free. Only 40€, or a 10% price increase, which
isn't bad given that the price probably got set a month or two ago and the
dollar's dropped since then.

It *looks* a lot more, but it isn't, really.

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