Sascha Morr sascha.morr at
Sun Jan 9 12:46:00 CST 2005

moondogie schrieb:
> I need SU privilages . Set-up did not allow for this configuration as I
> would like to use apt-get to update the distro . I would like more
> multimedia software as Totem dosen't seem to support many media
> extentions
> Thanks , monty 


you could use sudo (sudo apt-get.., sudo apt-cache...) or set a root 
passwort after installation. Just type 'sudo passwd' and set a root 
paswort. Alternative you could use synaptic that will come with the 
basic installation for installing optional software. But in this way you 
should use the universe and multiverse mirror too. See also the ubuntu 
wiki (


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