curious question, is this a bug or a feature, and where should I put it next?

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Sun Feb 27 03:49:53 CST 2005

Hi Paul

The best idea would be to write up your ideas on the wiki, and link to 
that page from the IdeaPool. is a good 
starting point. Also, if you would like to see this in Bendy, it would 
be a good idea to create a conference BOF on the subject, also in the 
wiki, start at UbuntuDownUnder. Find someone who is going to be in 
Sydney in April to be the lead for that BOF to get it written up.


Paul O'Malley wrote:

> Hi,
> Just for general info, yesterday I installed Ubuntu with a serial 
> modem on array 5, due to the fact that the box had no /dev/modem  and 
> the graphical tool did not create one, the modem was on ttyS0 so just 
> created a simlink provided a desktop short cut to wvdial and another 
> one to killall -TERM wvdial, the user is happy at this time.
> One was the pppoe connect icon :-) the second was my adaptation of 
> that with a red X on it.
> As a concequence of this I  was thinking of a couple of things.
> One: the desktop should have a "connect/disconnect" icon, perhaps this 
> would have existed if the graphical tool had been able to complete.
> Two: which list should I report this to as I do not the community 
> norms for ubuntu on the mailing lists.
> Regards,
> Paul O'Malley

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