curious question, is this a bug or a feature, and where should I put it next?

Paul O'Malley ompaul at
Sun Feb 27 03:30:43 CST 2005


Just for general info, yesterday I installed Ubuntu with a serial modem 
on array 5, due to the fact that the box had no /dev/modem  and the 
graphical tool did not create one, the modem was on ttyS0 so just 
created a simlink provided a desktop short cut to wvdial and another one 
to killall -TERM wvdial, the user is happy at this time.

One was the pppoe connect icon :-) the second was my adaptation of that 
with a red X on it.

As a concequence of this I  was thinking of a couple of things.
One: the desktop should have a "connect/disconnect" icon, perhaps this 
would have existed if the graphical tool had been able to complete.
Two: which list should I report this to as I do not the community norms 
for ubuntu on the mailing lists.


Paul O'Malley

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