Linode offers ubuntu

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Thu Feb 24 15:39:13 CST 2005

<quote who="Thomas Beckett">

> Im starting to look at linux vertual machine hosting as a cheaper way to
> get hosting exactly as I want it without using my own hardware and hosting
> myself. I was loking around at waht was available and went to:
> htp://
> straight away I noticed that they make Ubuntu available as one one of
> thier distros! - who says its meant for desktops!! ;)

Oddly enough, I found this out a couple of weeks back when talking to a
friend (Mary, who haunts these parts) about her Linode hosting. Both of us
wondered what it would take to see Linode provide an Ubuntu image, but it
turned out an image already existed - and had only been made in the last day
or so!

I've been chatting with caker about publicising this, and ended up signing
up for a Linode machine the other day. :-)

- Jeff

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