Mark Shuttleworth make the news here in SA

Marius Bock marius at
Wed Feb 9 13:21:49 CST 2005

Mark, yes I agree, they are doing excellent work.

I am currently working with a couple of schools that run Windows platforms since 
as you know Microsoft provide schools software free of charge.  The problem 
however is that most computers at schools are old, hence cannot run Windows XP 
and must run old software like Windows 95/98.  It is now a process of educating 
these schools that they can use an Linux distribution like Ubuntu on the same 
old hardware and get the benefit of current day software.

Marius Bock -- marius at

Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> Marius Bock wrote:
>> Not really ubuntu related but Mark made the news here -
> This is great work from my foundation team, and a very generous gift 
> from Pick 'n Pay. Don't look at the pics though ;-).

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