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<quote who="John Levin" date="2005-02-08 02:29:40 +0000">
> I've started collecting links to various computer recycling
> charities; you can see the first fruits here:
> Any others you know of,
> please tell me.
> By and large, there seems to be some - uneven but growing -
> awareness of free software; a lot of the sites lacked in specifics.
> There's also some lightweight distributions being made for older
> hardware,:
> DeLi Linux
> Based on Slackware 7.1
> WCLP (Working centre Linux Project)
> Debian-based

The organization you should know about is Freegeek:

They are based in Portland do tons of great work in a number of
areas. They ship a derivative of Debian called the "Freekbox" and,
IIRC, discussed using Ubuntu early on in the development cycle of
their recent or upcoming release.

In terms of LTSP, stuff, one of their employees (former employee now)
is the author of lessdisks which is a Debian-centric terminal server
project. As LTSP embraces Ubuntu, this will become less of a problem,
but I think they are good allies to have. :)


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