London-based Charity gives 40, 000 PCs a fresh start .... (an Ubuntu opportunity?)

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Sun Feb 6 18:04:29 CST 2005

<quote who="Matt Zimmerman">

> Installation is the single highest barrier to entry for Ubuntu and other
> alternative operating systems.  Having Ubuntu preinstalled is a great way
> to eliminate that barrier, and I think we should pursue such
> opportunities.

Can we get the OEM installer stuff up the priority stack for hoary+1? I have
multiple opportunities for this stuff, and it would be a huge distinguishing

> I agree.  In many parts of the US, 686-class systems (quite capable of
> running Ubuntu) are candidates for recycling.  Are there any centralized
> organizations which manage operations like these?  How do we get in touch
> with them?

We have a number of Computer Bank groups in Australia, and you'll often find
recycling groups linked (or known) to other NGOs such as disability support
and activist groups. I've been pursuing these locally - might be a good LoCo
team project.

- Jeff

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