LinuxPlanet reviews Ubuntu

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Wed Feb 2 21:43:03 CST 2005

Nice one!

  "The goal of the Ubuntu folks is to provide a more up-to-date Debian than
  Debian, while eliminating many of the potentially confusing installation
  options and permutations encountered when installing many Linux
  distributions. They accomplish these goals extremely well, with an
  easy-to-use installation process, a great system update and enhancement
  mechanism, and a distribution that makes a great starter--or permanent
  home--for Linux users who'd just like to use their computer to get work


  "Commercial support for Ubuntu is available directly from Canonical, LTD
  (, which is the company that sponsors the Ubuntu
  project. Canonical's support offerings are listed on the Ubuntu site at A substantial number of
  firms all over the world that provide support for Ubuntu are also listed
  in the Ubuntu Marketplace site at The latter is an
  incredible testimonial to the wide-spread and well-established nature of
  Ubuntu after a relatively short time in Linux years."

- Jeff

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