Forums vs Mailing Lists

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Dec 30 21:05:36 GMT 2005

Paul O'Malley wrote:

> Scott wrote:
>> I'm actually in favor of that.  Replace with
> To paraphrase  the words of John McEroe, "you cannot be serious".
> How should its hierarchy be set up?
> How should it be managed?
> Why would those on mail find this a better solution?

Why shouldn't he be serious?  I don't personally think it's necessary
because I find gmane perfectly adequate, but listservs are a poorer way to
handle discussion than Usenet.  

I find it hard to answer your first two questions because I can't imagine
why you find them complicated.  Its hierarchy would obviously be pretty
much the same as it is on gmane.  It would be managed the same way the
lists are managed.  It's just not remotely a problem.

Your last question is the best, but it's simply answered - try reading the
ubuntu lists through gmane for a week.  I'd bet almost nobody would go back
to email.

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